4 Nigerian celebrities famous for being controversial

The entertainment industry thrives on controversy. In a fast-paced social media society, regular news is inadequate to feed the audience’s insatiable urge. People seek something new by the minute. To grab their attention and keep them agog, it must be an unusual event. Simply put: the entertainment industry would be as quiet as a graveyard without controversies. Entertainers famous for their craft try their best to make the news, but often, they are overshadowed by those who aren’t known for any crafts.
Some individuals understand how the game works. They simply throw bones to Dogs, and watch them scramble over it. Bones and Dogs in this context are metaphors for news and the audience, respectively. These people have become very famous – thanks to their controversies. If they weren’t controversial, they probably wouldn’t be relevant. Read along as House of Kuku identifies those who belong to this category.
Top 4 Nigerian celebrities famous for controversies

  • Bobrisky
    What exactly is Bobrisky’s day job? Apparently, none exists. Bobrisky is a regular name in the news, but this isn’t due to an identified talent or career. He’s literally everywhere because he’s always involved in one controversy or another.

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The socialite shot to the limelight for being a crossdresser in a country where acts of homosexuality are liable to 14 years imprisonment. His audacity to live his truth in such an environment is a controversy on its own. If you took away controversy from the social media sensation, he’d most likely become irrelevant.

  • Etinosa
    If Instagram didn’t exist, the name Etinosa would probably ring no bells. The light-skinned beauty has the social network to thank for her relevance. Although she claims to be an Actress with a few Nollywood movies under her belt, no one acknowledges her acting talent.
    The damsel always makes the headlines for negative news. From going nude on Insta Live to using the bible as a smoke tray, she surely knows how to get people talking about her constantly. If she stopped being controversial, we doubt that her acting career would keep her relevant.
  • Speed Darlington
    The name Speed Darlington sounds familiar to active social media users in Nigeria. Although he claims to be a musician, 9 out of 10 people have probably not heard any of his songs.
    The outspoken young man takes pride in detailing his sexcapades with women on social media. If he isn’t doing that, he is involved in a showdown with Instagram Blogger Tunde Ednut or anyone else who steps on his toe. Surprisingly, his popularity is snowballing as a result of his antics.
  • Daddy Freeze
    Although Daddy Freeze has a day-job as a Presenter, that’s not his claim to the fame he enjoys. He’s an on-air personality with a popular radio station in Lagos, but only those who listen to the radio station know him for that job. Many non-Lagosians are clueless about his radio career.
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    Founder of “Free the Sheeple” church, he’s well-known for his scathing remarks of pastors, accusing them of pastoring for their selfish gains. He always has something to say about one Man of God or another, and this makes him very controversial.
    Gone are the days when “hard work” was the only ticket to fame. Today, anything can make one famous. You just need to identify what pricks people’s interest, and give it to them. With social media, it gets even easier. Like these Nigerian celebrities famous for being controversial, you can start your journey to fame from wherever you are. All you need are a smartphone and an internet connection.


  1. Bobrisky isn’t a “he” anymore, we’ve given him to the girls

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