7 easy steps to be a Nigerian slay queen.

The last few years have seen a new crop of ladies step onto the limelight—the slay queens. The slay queen effect is so huge, it’s a recurring term among people in different spheres. Nigerian girls quickly got in tune with the memo and are putting their best foot forward in the game.


Who is a slay queen?

A slay queen is a woman who goes overboard with her appearance, elitist behavior, and lifestyle. She feels so confident in herself and she flaunts it to anyone watching. Call her superficial if you want but she loves the good things in life and would go to any length to have them.

Although some women shy away from being referred to as slay queens due to the vainness attached to it, a lot of them secretly long to be in that category.

If you want to be a Nigerian slay queen, the following tips will help you achieve your aim.

  1. Dress to kill

Appearance is the first amour of a slay queen. She wants to step into the room and be the center of attraction. One sure way to have all eyes on you is to not only dress well but dress to kill.

A slay queen sexualizes her appearance. A lot of skin is put on display to achieve that effect. You may need to give your wardrobe a complete overhaul. Now is the time to discard all those clothes that make you look like a Nun. Shop for new clothes that showcase your body endowments. For inspiration, take a cue from the Kardashian/Jenner sisters or our own Toke Makinwa.

  1. Have your makeup on fleek

Having sorted out your wardrobe, your face is next in line. Your lovely clothes will have minimal effect if your face is not looking sleek. Basic makeup skill doesn’t cut it. You’d have to take professional classes in makeup, or better still, hire a good makeup artist to always give you a face beat.

Remember that the goal is to stand out. This is not the time for light makeup. You need to wear heavy makeup always. Be careful of the makeup products you use to achieve this. Cheap brands will not give you the wow effect you need. Go for the best.

Carve your eyebrows and lashes like a perfect piece of art. Don’t forget to complete your makeup with the best human air on the market.

  1. Get a banging body

You have to look the part if you are going to claim to be a special breed of human. An authentic slay queen has the body to show for it. She’s a bombshell.

  1. Working out is a great way to build a sexy body. Register at a good gym if you aren’t working out already. Ensure that you have the right food supplements and diet to help you get that banging body as soon as possible.

Waist trainers are popular nowadays. Slay queens always have one on. Although it feels uncomfortable wearing a waist trainer always, it’s worthwhile as it makes you curvaceous. Your clothes will fit perfectly when you are in great shape.

  1. Seek attention on social media
  2. Social media is the second home for slay queens. The online platform is an avenue for you to showcase your awesomeness to the world. Take several clothes to exotic locations. Take mind-blowing photos in each of the clothes and post them on your timeline.
  3. Practice seductive poses to ‘kill’ it in your photos. Don’t forget to pout while posing. Discover your best photo angles and always use them.

You need to chase clout on social media to get quick attention. Calling out people and shaking tables on social media will accelerate your popularity. Tag top bloggers when you are calling out anyone or shaking a table.

Instagram is currently the best social network for slay queens. Ensure that you leverage the platform.

  1. Use an iPhone

The kind of phone you use is essential to your status as a slay queen. If your phone isn’t an iPhone, you aren’t an authentic slay mama.

iPhone is the de facto passport of slay queens. It gives slay queens a prestige of wealth. This prestige connects them to the rich and wealthy who can afford the flamboyant lifestyle they like to associate with. It also gives their photos high resolution, making them look more beautiful than they are in person. When they post their photos on social media, they get a lot of likes and comments because of the high quality.

  1. Get a foreign accent

There’s no place for razz and uncouth behaviors as a slay queen. You have to be as classy as possible.

You don’t want to sound local when you speak. Learn to speak with an American accent or a British accent. A big mistake most slay queens make is not mastering the foreign accent they speak with. This mistake makes them look like a joke. Take the time to master the accent of your choice.

Brush up your command of the English language so you can be eloquent. Make sure to use words like “Oh my Gosh,” “Like seriously?” “Really,” “You know,” etc. as frequently as possible when talking.

Being a slay queen requires effort and dedication. When you follow the tips discussed above, you’ll become the latest slay queen in town. You could slay your way into a fortune, who knows?






  1. Fun read, cracked me up a bit, but really, where’s the lie 😄
    I think the term slay queen isn’t so bad after all

  2. Thats how iphone is now a compulsory requirement for being a slay queen

    O ga o

  3. All on point👌

  4. I Dey tell you

  5. Oh ye slay queen shaaa make sure you can cook better than you pout

  6. Flirting with them makes ones love life less worrisome

  7. Spot on. But that foreign accent part, hmm.. that’s why we have British/ekiti accents o

  8. If one ain’t careful wit them dem go just ruin person life

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