They are hairs that grows at the tip of the eyelid. It grows in one layer on the tip. Eyelashes play a very vital role in the body, they are the first line of defense for your eyes, protecting you from airborne dirt, dust, lint and debris from reaching the delicate eye tissues. With eyes open, eyelashes catch some airborne dirt.

Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles, a lash could live upto three months before it falls off. But SIKE!!! BLA BLA BLA biology,  because we humans now understand the beauty of the eyelashes we have made it immortal, and ours are cuter when it is worn, Lashes or falsies over the years have been a seducer of men and women at first glance, especially when it is flickers, except for some “i must to fine” people, who wear ridiculousness on their eyelid then assumes they are beautiful. Extra long Lashes have been shaded alot on social media with tweets like👇

Over the years, production of fake lashes has been the major source of income for some companies, and has even contributed to the economic growth of various countries. Its relevance is at equivalence to its effectiveness as a fashion item.

Earlier, the use of mascaras or “tiro” as the yorubas call it- which is a locally made eyeliner used to beautify the lower eye lid.

There are a range of false lashes, and they differ one from the other. However there are three major types;
Strip lashes,
Individual flare lashes and
Individual single lashes. 

Some men don’t know or underestimate the abilities of falses until you have started to cough money like like ATM when she winked at you with that false falsies now she looks like the light of day.

Unfortunately, falsies may also cause permanent loss of your real eyelashes or eyesight. Glue can easily get stuck on eyelashes or in your eye, so you have be extra careful while wearing then. More disadvantages of wearing eyelashes are, you shouldn’t sleep wearing lashes, it is difficult to put on aslo can be very time consuming, some can also look very fake, adhesive glue is required.   AH!!! ADHESIVE!!!. Lets sha be careful.

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