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Since the evolution of the mainstream media and fashion industry, both have had ties in influencing the lifestyle of a lot of people as well as dictating the trends in fashion.
the fashion industry, directly and indirectly, employs these cultural and social influencers/leaders in achieving this. these influencers/leaders include TV personalities, Musicians, Actors, etc. These social leaders are often seen as role models and have influence ranging from the manner of approach, mode of communication, lifestyle choices, and fashion on those who idolize them.
It is little wonder most youths tend to agree on what they consider fashion trends and dope lifestyles, this is as a result of the influence of mainstream media.


Looking at Nigeria as a case study, our celebrities have this effect on us. from the popular dreadlocks which weren’t as popular as it was till it was being worn by a handful of our musicians to the rocking of famous designer wears, to the lavish lifestyle. This development however has not been all to the advantage of the Nigerian fashion industry.
some of the major dictators in the Nigerian fashion scene include Musicians, Yahoo boys, actors, and a few high ranking businessmen and Clerics.
Everybody wants to post a standard picture and look good for the Gram, it may guarantee you a successful shot at someone who has your eyes on, while some do it cos looking good is good business. whatever reason we take and post pictures for, we are very conscious of what we wear.

On our quest to stay vogue or woke we tend to follow the trend in Nigerian fashion which is adorning our body with the latest foreign designer wear. this has become a household mentality to the point that people often get a fake version of a foreign designer for a more expensive price than an original Nigerian design. The fake Balenciaga which was rampant proves this.


Nigerian made fashion and fashion accessories gain little or no attention from Nigerians as we have been somehow misguided to think our products are substandard or fake. Few Nigerian products are exceptions to these, but that’s only because they are brands that belong to a celebrity with a household name or a verified Instagram or twitter page, or because they come with outrageous prices.


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