Breaking up with your friend with benefit.

  1. Want to break up with a fwb like this? REALLY?

Like many other icky feeling problem we have, I’d like to say, just let it be. Really, lol, I’m sorry. I know letting it be isn’t really a feasible problem but let’s think about it, what’s the best escape plan you can come up with asides this?
Sex. Sex is good. It feels good. So boom, for some reason, you can’t be in a committed relationship at the moment and masturbation no longer is an option. Sister Bisi came a visiting; you went to go power your appliances in a friend’s house; one two, one two, orgasm road trip.
Sex is great and no one is really interested in a relationship.

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Sex becomes just sex or life happens and now well, suddenly, the sister in sister Bisi clicks.
It wasn’t a relationship and was only sex, don’t make it awkward when the two of you pull up at a social function (assuming y’all have the same circle of friends).
If you did catch feelings along the line, this post ain’t for you love.
If you didn’t, please keep these few in mind:

1. Forget that James Bond face, your former fwb is also processing stuff (maybe faster or slower than you) but you are not alone.
2. Don’t go back just because you’re lonely. Personally, I feel a fwb could be just vibes and insha Allah, but using it as a crutch for issues like loneliness isn’t going to cut it. Why spoil something so beautiful as fwb?
3. Go find another fwb.
4. Have a barbeque party with that elephant in the room. Just talk things out. Maybe y’all may still be interested in being friends or just casuals.
5. A fwb is simply a fwb. Move on dear. It wasn’t a relationship. Nothing really is expected from both parties except mutual understanding.

You’ll be fine. How you feel is normal and will also surely pass away if you simply let it go.

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