Designed for desire.

Sponsored content You’ve been waiting for this moment for a little long while now, and it finally happens, the lady you’ve been wooing for a couple of months finally says yes and it’s about to get down. You’re pulling all the tricks in your book and some are coming naturally, …

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The African hair

African hair is also known as “Afro-textured”, puffy and fluffy, it is rich and comes in an array of colors,  black, brown, red, grey, sometimes even a mix of this. Our hair is shiny, fluffy, full, and brimming. If you want a fuller hair and your hair is currently scanty, …

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THE BRIEF with Khalifah of Lagos.

Fashion could just be a calling, this nigerian fashionista would have been a computer guru if he wanted. Khalifah of lagos dived into his personal life and shared beyond a thought with the house of kuku on on The THOK BRIEF. Why do you prefer the name Khalifah? Khalifah is …

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Fueling your fashion ideas.

  Since the evolution of the mainstream media and fashion industry, both have had ties in influencing the lifestyle of a lot of people as well as dictating the trends in fashion. the fashion industry, directly and indirectly, employs these cultural and social influencers/leaders in achieving this. these influencers/leaders include …

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Why is breakfast necessary.

  Breakfast is necessary. Hey there reader, starting this blog post with breakfast being necessary was sorta necessary. It is the first meal of the day; why would anyone ever want to miss out on any the “first” thing? Who hates to break fast? Some will swear it is the …

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Dress how you want to be addressed

What do you think this man does? What if I told you he was a bricklayer? Or this woman? And she is a Dj These days it’s about more than how you want to be addressed. I mean, I know Nigerians and even the world at large still has this …

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