The apple brand is seen as a prestigious status or symbol of a company known for its simplicity, cost and sleek designs. In the mind of apple users, the “halo effect” of other products such as the iPhone smartphones, iPod portable media player, the iPad tablet computer, apple TV digital …

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Jeans (Denim).

Jeans is a clothing piece that has become an almost indispensable part of our daily lives. There are several types of jeans to choose from as there are various types to suit all occasions, they also come in different colors. A quick survey amongst the neighbors suggested a large amount …

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Ibadan stand up for the vibe that hits you and leaves you in pink and green strips, joyful, productive but drunk. It’s the green house party turning up loudly in Ibadan. Reaching out to all the good looking and look gooding guys, slay queens and not leaving out the main …

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