THE BRIEF with Khalifah of Lagos.

Fashion could just be a calling, this nigerian fashionista would have been a computer guru if he wanted. Khalifah of lagos dived into his personal life and shared beyond a thought with the house of kuku on on The THOK BRIEF. Why do you prefer the name Khalifah? Khalifah is …

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Focusing on director Bigjuice

From high quality to creativity to capture our favorite moments, we have different reasons we stay glued to our screens as we enjoy our favorite videos. A lot of creative process and minds go into the making of these videos and we are often very familiar with the Directors and …

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Making music is a peice of work it requires alot of creativity and talents, managing the artist is all the work, it involves a good ear for music, containing the fame, encouraging them to make more music, making them ignore the stardom for a minute and focus on doing what …

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