The African hair

African hair is also known as “Afro-textured”, puffy and fluffy, it is rich and comes in an array of colors,  black, brown, red, grey, sometimes even a mix of this. Our hair is shiny, fluffy, full, and brimming. If you want a fuller hair and your hair is currently scanty, …

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Classic dressing tip for ladies

As simple as dressing up might seem, it can be a hard nut to crack sometimes, especially if your aim is beyond covering up your nakedness. A stylish woman doesn’t wear clothes just to cover up. Clothes are part of her artistry. While she taps into her innate prowess to …

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The waist bead is a captivating ornaments worn by ladies.. It possesses alluring attributes that would make someone fall in love with it. Even though, it’s old fashioned still yet, it went viral among young girls of nowadays Popularly known as “Jigida” in Nigeria, the waist bead is not a …

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What to wear at night. (Women)

what to wear at night Women’s fashion: What to wear on a night out Are you thinking of what to wear on a night out? By the time you are done reading this piece brought to you by House of Kuku, you’ll have several options at your disposal. There’s no …

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Jeans (Denim).

Jeans is a clothing piece that has become an almost indispensable part of our daily lives. There are several types of jeans to choose from as there are various types to suit all occasions, they also come in different colors. A quick survey amongst the neighbors suggested a large amount …

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