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You’ve been waiting for this moment for a little long while now, and it finally happens, the lady you’ve been wooing for a couple of months finally says yes and it’s about to get down. You’re pulling all the tricks in your book and some are coming naturally, and just before you go in, you come out. You stare at her, embarrassment written all over your face; and let out a muffled sorry. She puts on her clothes and kisses you an awkward goodbye. What happened?

You’re not new to this, premature ejaculation has been your haunting ghost for a little long while.
Here’s what premature is;

  1. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction in men.
  2. It is the inability of a man to control his ejaculations and sexual performance time.
  3. There have been several treatments suggested that work to treat premature ejaculation.
  4. Many ways have successfully aided and helped control premature ejaculation; one of the most common being Lidocaine Spray.
    How does Lidocaine spray work? Simply put, Lidocaine spray is an anesthesia commonly used for minor operations. Dentists use lidocaine for tooth surgeries that dig as deep as the roots. So how does this help with premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation boils down to having a very sensitive undershaft and penis head. Lidocaine spray reduces this sensitivity by doing what it does as an anesthesia -numb. It numbs the overtly sensitive areas of the penis so it is easier to control ejaculation and sexual performance time.

  5. How to apply Lidocaine spray it is advisable to apply lidocaine spray 10-15 minutes before sexual activity so to give time for the effects to kick in. You would have to spray lidocaine under your shaft and tip as these are the most sensitive parts of your Penis. The effects don’t kick off till 10-15 minutes. If you want it faster, rub in the applied spray and then wash your hands so it doesn’t get any of the effects meant for your penis.
    How long does Lidocaine spray effects last? 3 hours is the average time experienced when it is applied.
    Is Lidocaine sprayed when the penis is erect or not? Applying it on an erect penis or a flaccid one doesn’t matter as all lidocaine does is numb the areas it was applied on.
    Can Lidocaine spray work with a lubricant? Yes. Just be sure to use something not chemical based.

Would Lidocaine spray numb a vagina? Once applied, Lidocaine only affects areas sprayed with Lidocaine provided the number of minutes for numbing effect was observed.
How can I purchase Lidocaine? It comes packaged in a metered bottle. (Segun, I’ll need you to include other options of where to purchase lidocaine spray. This is also a great place for advertisements of other things)
Are there any side effects? The most common side effect of using lidocaine spray happens when it is applied in large dosages. This would cause an over numb (sometimes unpleasant sensation) penis. Other less common side effects include a burning sensation in the penis. (consult your doctor if burning sensation is experienced)
Can I have Oral sex with Lidocaine? It is totally safe to use Lidocaine during oral sex, just stay clean.

Alternative premature ejaculation treatment:

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  • Various exercises can be performed to aid premature ejaculation.


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