Dress how you want to be addressed

What do you think this man does?

What if I told you he was a bricklayer?
Or this woman?

And she is a DjDj cuppy in Burberry

These days it’s about more than how you want to be addressed.
I mean, I know Nigerians and even the world at large still has this stereotype disease and no one is to be blamed because we are all guilty about it, THOK is guilty about it. So, how is it more than being dressed about how you want to be addressed? Everything has been so boxed in to fit neat categories if I decided to sit naked in a box that’s large enough to hold me, I would still be addressed in a certain way as someone sitting in a box would be addressed; really, think about it, I’m sure you have already a mental image of how you’d address a naked human being sitting in a box.

Is this stereotype disease curable? Curing it may be as simple as convincing a Christan there is no God.
Do you want to be addressed as a slay chick? (I need you to highlight “addressed as a slay chick” to link to the other article about the slay chick thing). Do you want to be addressed as a boss? Dress like one. I have seen a boss of his indomie stand donn a suit and tie to go sell his indomie, he still goes to his shade with the help of a commercial motorcycle but he dresses and carries himself as a boss.

With everything said about dressing how you want to be addressed, it doesn’t just come with the cloths, the air around you seals the deal. This is the only hole that gives this some form of shape, where if you act like a tout but is donned in a suit, who exactly are you trying to deceive? People can smell the deceit.

If you’d like to be addressed as who you really are, try different clothes and find what is comfortable for you.
Dress for practicality, dress to express yourself.
Next step is to ride your wave baby and you will be addressed just as you want to be addressed.

About Segun kuku

Ogunyemi "Cuckoo" Segun is a Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blogger and movie maker. Born on 12th of July 1992, he's a graduate of sociology from Crawford University. He is a lover of arts and music as he has held roles as a presenter for Channel M1, as worked as an artiste Manager and also a movie maker and set designer. He is a fashion enthusiast and a lover of photography, poetry , culture and movies. He is an ambivert who enjoys the company of like-minded folks and also the solitude to hone is creative capabilities . He spends most of his spare time writing and studying lifestyle trends. He is a lover of pets (cats especially).

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  1. Cool
    Dressing comfortable all the way!!!!!

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