Easy ways to change from being a bore to the life of the party

Being the bore of the neighborhood isn’t a pleasant title. This could hit your self-esteem badly, making you coil into your shell, confirming what is said about you. If you are one of those who try to shake it off like they couldn’t care less, you’ll still wish you didn’t have to go through that. People can say whatever they want, but ultimately, it’s important that you live your best life. Being the boring one is far from exciting. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to shake up your life and the life of the party. Read along as The House of Kuku shows you how to go about it.
5 ways to be the life of the party

  1. Stop trying to be prim and proper
    Are you one of those people who are so concerned about what others think or say about you? If yes, you are probably working overtime to be in your best behavior just to get their validation. News flash: no matter what you do, people will have an opinion about you, and it won’t always be good. Drop the overly conscious attitude and go with the flow. If you like a song being played and you feel like dancing in public, go ahead and dance. Everyone can stare at you if they want.
  2. Always have interesting stories to tell
    The human ear is always itching to hear interesting stories. No one wants to be around someone who’s always mute or says nothing fun. People become very attentive when they are fascinated by a story. Chances are that you have fun stories to tell, but you just can’t bring yourself to tell them. Here’s the thing: you can either tell your fun stories or keep them to yourself forever. It’s not like keeping them to yourself will do you any good.
  • Initiate things
    The definition of a bore is who one sits down, folds their arms, and expects everyone else to make things happen. You do realize that the people making things happen aren’t doing that by default, right? They chose to make an effort to get to that point.
    If everyone chose to wait for someone else to start a conversation, nobody would be talking. Most times, people are willing to do something, they just don’t have anyone to stir it. If you see someone you fancy, walk up to them and say “Hi.” If you see a game you like, go over to play it. If there are people playing it already, politely ask to join them. Stop overthinking things.
  • Try new things
    The life of the party is often that person who does the coolest stuff. It might look like they always have it figured out, but they don’t. They have simply learnt to go with their guts. They understand that they may not always get it right, but they are willing to at least try.
    Stress affects your life negatively. Learn how to live a stress-free life! you ever been to a party, and seen that boy or girl that couldn’t dance to save their life, but they danced the hardest? Despite the fact that they suck at dancing, you’ll find people flocking around them on the dance floor, or talking to them afterward. There’s something fascinating about someone who isn’t afraid to just do it.
  • Put yourself out there
    It’s hard for you to partake in the fun if you aren’t where it is happening. It’s like wanting to have a great party but locking yourself up at home. Be intentional about where and how you position yourself.
    First, ensure that you look good. If you want to be seen, it’s important that you look your best. When it’s time to do an activity, don’t shy away. For instance, if you are out, and they are about to play a game, don’t run away because you are shy. Participate and be very active. As you get involved in what’s happening, more people will get to see you and feel your impact.
    No one has a monopoly over the front seats. If you choose to leave the front, and move all the way to the back, don’t blame anybody for that. Some people who arrive after you will gladly take the front seats. Being the life of the party is a decision you need to make yourself.

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While you are feeling so great with your stories, you should know when to press the “stop” button. Don’t become a nuisance by talking unnecessarily or become a liar by making things up.

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  1. Great tips. I just wonder, sometimes it feels like no one is interested in what I have to say.

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