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From high quality to creativity to capture our favorite moments, we have different reasons we stay glued to our screens as we enjoy our favorite videos. A lot of creative process and minds go into the making of these videos and we are often very familiar with the Directors and producers of such videos and the artiste or actors in the video as they enjoy enough mentions and fame, however, we tend to overlook some other key members of the production team that are also as important to the making of these videos as the directors and the artistes. One such role is the role of the Filmmaker/videographer

This role is very crucial as the videographer is responsible for the quality of the shot and also for capturing moments through different points and views. Top directors in the Nigerian music industry like Clarence Peters, Mr. Moe Musa, Unlimited LA, etc always employ the services of such videographers in the creation of their masterpiece. Though the job of a videographer may seem basic to few, it is quite tasking as it may involve physical lifting of relatively heavy camera equipment to capture some of these moments. Some videographers go the extra mile by performing stunts like running and diving with this equipment to give us the natural feel and view of the main artists in these videos.
Videographers though popular among celebrities enjoy little fame in the mainstream as their brand is mostly unrecognized or covered by the shine of the video Directors.


One of such videographers we would be taking a look at today is BigJuice. Uju Prince Ikebunna “Big Juice” is a Nigerian Filmmaker and Videographer. Born on the 17th of June 1988 in Lagos State, big juice spent his early days in Ajegunle in Lagos State and is currently studying at the Lagos State University, Lagos State. Big Juice tho a household name among top celebrities and Directors in the Nigerian entertainment industry isn’t so popular among the fans. Big Juice has worked with A-list celebrities in the music industry ranging from Clarence Peters to Burna boy on some of their latest projects. He is known majorly for his unorthodox handling of the camera as he is willing to perform certain stunts including running with the camera and diving with the main act to capture every detail.

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1)How did u coin the name Bigjuice?

A friend of mine named me Bigjuice, he said it meant they can’t squeeze it all

2)What would you say are the biggest impediment to the growth of the Nigerian movie industry?

the Nigerian movie industry is fast-growing, investors are putting in money and being given good value for their money. we are doing our best and we thank the viewers.

3)When did you begin your career as a movie Director? And what was your first movie?

The Eve was my first official movie, I was the DOP on the set, I was so glad to be working side by side with Tosin igho.

4)What are the significant changes you’ve noticed in the industry from your debut till now?

I would love to impact discipline into the cast and crew, to read call sheets and script, timing. I would love to let people focus.

5)How experimental are you?

Creativity is the key as a Nigerian, your angles are very vital. I also go to the extreme to get what I want regardless of the constraints.

6)How receptive is the industry to changes and new ideas?

the government should give support financially and give leverage to the movie industry, allowing us to use landmarks.

7)The movie industry is still growing currently, in what ways do you intend to foster this growth?

building more film schools would allow the industry Nigerian movie industry to grow.

8)What’s the most challenging department in your job?

every of the department is the most relevant. every department works hand in hand

9)What is your routine before starting a shoot?

my first routine is prayer, I like to commit all in the hand of GOD

10)Is there a genre of movie you’re partial to or you consider yourself versatile?

I work with everyone, I don’t segregate, I love to grow. so big juice is available for any kind of video recording.



  1. Uju is also a fantastic actor

  2. Director Bigjuice is an household name not a stranger

  3. Why is he so buff

  4. I see him on set sometimes Never really knew his job.

  5. I see him too alot on davido’s shoot

  6. He is so big, the camera looks like a weapon.

  7. It’s funny how the people doing some great deal of work receive lesser applaud. Perhaps videographers shld also brand themselves in benefitting ways

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