How to heal wounds with minimal scar

I’m pretty much indifferent about injuries and wounds. As we go through the years, we can’t avoid the accidents that sometimes cause wounds annnnd, wounds leave scars (except you’re one of the blessed ones with godly skin).

Most of us usually just let the scar heal on its own and get on with our lives. Some of us pinch and pinch and itch (wounds get itchy when healing; next time, simply rub the wound softly and you’ll be fine).
Without further much ado, here are a few ways to heal a wound with minimal scarring:- A clean and well tended to wound always heals beautifully. - Vaseline Works wonders. Not just on wounds but on the entire skin too. Now I know what always works for A will not always work for B. If Vaseline makes you darker than you like, you could always opt for the next option. - Shea butter Many swear by it. Others say it's medicinal and some would even tell it's way better than Vaseline. Whatever you believe, once you choose which to settle with, Vaseline or S3 in the skin. This helps stop the drying that leaves scabs and scars. Please don't use Vaseline a day or two after you've been injured. Clean only. Your body has processes set up to take care of itself and moisturizing too early may cause more harm than good.

Scars are natural and even if we can’t entirely get rid of them most of the time, we can reduce them and sometimes even have a wound heal with no scar. As regards peeling off the scab from the wound manually with your fingers, as long as you keep your cut hydrated, there really is no need to. You’re also causing more harm if you keep reopening the cut with all that excessive touching.

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