How to make a Nigerian Slay Queen fall in love with you.

She’s that girl that is always the center of attraction. She commands attention when she steps into the room. She’s beautiful, sexy, classy, and well put-together. She doesn’t need to introduce herself as a slay queen, it’s obvious in the way she looks and carries herself. Every guy in the room wants her. You want her too but you are afraid that you don’t stand a chance. You probably think she’s out of your league. Well, it all depends on how you look at it. Everyone has a ‘price’ and it may not necessarily be money. You can have the most difficult people in the palm of your hand if you can strike the right chords in them. Read along as I show you how to make a Nigerian slay queen fall in love with you.

5 ways to make a Nigerian Slay Queen fall in love with you

  1. Make a good first impression 

If she caught your attention, it’s obvious that she pays attention to her looks. You probably wouldn’t take a second look at her if she didn’t make any efforts to look beautiful. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s unrealistic for you to desire a lady that has a great style if your style game is nothing to write home about. The rule of thumb is to offer what we want in the people we desire. 

Be intentional about the way you look. It isn’t okay to dress up just to cover up. Dress to impress. Your style should command attention when you walk into a room. This is very important because it’ll help you to get her attention. If you approach her or get introduced to her, she’ll check you out from hair to toe in a second and build a perception about you. Let the first impression you make on her be a good one.

  1. Exude confidence when you meet her 

Attractive girls may get a lot of attention but just a few guys have the confidence to approach them. Man up and walk up to her. She’ll appreciate your confidence even if she doesn’t give you her phone number in the end. 

Chances are that she’s already heard all the lines you want to recite to her. You are going to sound like a broken record if you read a copied script to her. You have a head and a brain, use them. Don’t try to sound smart by using big words to impress her. Keep it simple. Make a conversation with her about the situation or environment you both are in. The idea is to be unique. You don’t want to remind her of the numerous guys that have tried to woo her. 

Don’t try to impress her with what you have. You’ll be setting yourself up as an ATM if you run a commentary about how rich you are. Don’t say too much about yourself. If she wants to know more about you, she’ll ask. 

Don’t be scared to ask for her number at the end of the conversation but be creative about it. She’s used to hearing: “May I have your number?” from guys. Say something different like: “I’ll like to see you again if you don’t mind.” At this point, she could offer to give you her number if she finds you attractive. But if she doesn’t, press further, saying something like: “How about I call you so we could plan another meeting,” stretching your phone to her. She’d have to really dislike you to decline your request. 

segun kuku of thok

  1. Be caring but not clingy

Women love attention; they love to be cared for. A slay queen may have several guys under her belt but she still appreciates those who genuinely care for her. A lot of guys mistake caring for clinginess. Calling her five times a day doesn’t mean that you care for her so much—you could come across as being clingy. A man with a decent means of livelihood wouldn’t have the time to call a woman five times a day. You can win a spot in her heart even if you call her once a day and make a meaningful conversation. 

Listen to her when she talks and take note of the things that are important to her. When she tells you about certain things in her life, follow up later to know how she’s faring with them. For instance, if she told you that she had a bad day at work today over something that happened, ask her about the situation the next day. Keep asking her until the situation is resolved. Give her well-thought-out suggestions on how to handle the situation. Proffering solutions to her challenges will make her see you as a helpful person and she’ll be comfortable sharing her emotional issues with you. She’ll begin to develop a soft spot for you soon enough.

  1. Be generous in your capacity

There’s a narrative among men that women who ask men for things are greedy—that’s not entirely true. It’s out of place for a woman to ask for money from any man that crosses her path. But when a man is interested in a lady and he has gotten acquainted with her to a certain level, he shouldn’t wait for her to ask before giving her things. You have to be generous in your capacity if you want to make a Nigerian slay queen fall in love with you. 

It’d be unwise of you to jump the gun just to please a woman. You can’t give what you don’t have. It’s understandable if you can’t buy her the most expensive items but try to always get her something. 

  1. Be her number one supporter 

If she’s a slay queen who knows her worth, she’s most likely ambitious. She needs a man who will always be there to cheer her on to pursue her dreams. Encourage her to reach for the stars. Make her see that she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to. A lot of guys who come around her don’t have the time for that because they just want to get into her panties. When you inspire her to be a go-getter, she’ll begin to fall in love with you because she knows that you have her interest at heart. READ ALSO

A slay queen isn’t a superwoman. She’s just a woman who wants to be genuinely loved and cared for. She’ll be willing to let you in if you show her that you aren’t all about what you see on her body. You can make a Nigerian slay queen fall in love with you by being true to yourself and true to her as well. 

segun kuku of thok


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