How to move on after a breakup.

Happy new year,

Break ups suck. Well, not for everyone, but if you’re reading this, then you’re definitely in the “break ups sucks” chair with me.
I have read an article once or twice talking about the same thing I am about to talk about. To be honest, none of them really helped. I feel, those articles were written by really happily married person’s who just list out the general feel good therapy.

1. Grief.
Really do if you feel like it. I find that emotions are best handled when they are felt. You may feel like crap or feel like partying, do either. Your feelings, your actions. If you really want to get over this thing, you have to remember to not lie to yourself.
When you feel like getting up from that bed years after, or finally stop partying and just breathe, do. Your gut won’t lie to you. Only you would.

2. Excersize.
Not really what you want to hear yeah? Simply put, exercise releases a feel good hormone. Take care not to get addicted to the temporal high. Think of the exercise as a great way to express pent up emotions. Remember, emotions demand to be felt.

3. Really make an effort to move on.
None of what I’ll say would make a difference if you aren’t making any effort. Truth is, everything works. Long walks? Yoga? Letting the past be the past and simply leaving when it’s time to go? Everything works once you have the mindset to move on. (Slow down on rushing into another relationship though. It may be what you need, but do think of the person you’ll be hurting in the name of a rebound relationship)
4. Breathe.

Enjoy being single again. Really, it’s not that horrifying. You’ve been single before you got into your last relationship, why treat singlehood as a villain? Yes, you’ll get lonely a couple of times, but I know a lot of experts who’ll agree with me on “if you need a relationship to feel whole, you don’t need a relationship”


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