Infusing technology into PR-ing.

Stanley Ehiz, a top Nigerian PR who has worked with top celebrities like Omatshola of Big brother Naija and a list of others, speaks about his growth in the PR business, the hazards and how he intends to help the word at large create that lasting impression with just a picture, from his photo finish factory.

1) Tell us about everything your store can do?

Ans: Stanley Ehiz store or should I say my store is Equipped with state of the art, photo & Video Editing tools also you can drop your photos and videos for professional editing services Etc! We are a photo and video retouching company!


2) Tell us about the hazards in PR business, for those wanting to venture to learn from you.

Ans: I don’t think there is hazards in PR business! One must start from the bottom to get to the top! If a man or a woman understands this principles of life! There won’t be any hazards in what you really want to do for PR business is a good business that keeps you busy all the time because, one minute you are researching, next minute you are posting or probably writing up a publication! To add it up the PR business is lucrative!

3) Looking good is good PR, Is this a breakout of the PR business or growth in the business?

Ans: well for me I love to look Good in PR! Because there is a saying that goes like this! You get addressed the way you dress! If we look good! We get good pleasantries and recommendation! I will say this is a growth in business!

4)Why is it called a store, why not shop like photoshop?

Ans: it’s called a store because it’s has all varieties product and tools for both video and photo! Basically it’s has a lot tools, eg, presets, layers, effects etc

5) You are a young Nigerian, give us three major agendas you would implement if you are a day president?

Ans: 1 First of all I will sign stimulus checks to all citizens because a lot people have not overcome the coronavirus pandemics ever since it came out!

2: I provide constant electricity and reduce the charges

3: I will legalize weed lol

6) People believe tech people are not very fashionable, tell us about your style.

Ans: for me I love to keep my fashion sense simple and approachable!

7) What is your daily beauty regime?

Ans: my daily beauty is my haircut! I try as much to have a hair cut twice a week!

8) Three things the Nigerian tech industry lacks?

2: No adequate information for the youth to venture into Tech

Ans: 1, Small loans for small start up tech company

3: no support from the government to build a better tech industry

9)Yes you can be anything you want to be, but if you could choose again right now, what would you rather be?

Ans: I will always be myself, the same man who owns Stanley Ehiz Store

Advice for the house of kuku.

One advice, for the hosue of Kuku!

Keep doing your best! You never know who might be reading! Great things come at the time you thought it wouldn’t happen


  1. Wow, I like this new idea, it’s like taking a picture and a bunch of guys edit for you online right?

  2. nice one houku, I’ve been waiting on this interview. I am a huge fan of Stanley Ehiz, he’s so calm and collected. I hope to work with him someday

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