Jeans (Denim).

Jeans is a clothing piece that has become an almost indispensable part of our daily lives. There are several types of jeans to choose from as there are various types to suit all occasions, they also come in different colors.

A quick survey amongst the neighbors suggested a large amount of us don’t know these jeans tricks that make life easier. So, settle in as you are about to be enlightened.

CUFFS (aka Turn-UP)

This is the lap consisting of a turned-back hem encircling the end of the leg.

For loose-fitting, wide-leg jeans: try a thick cuff. Fold up to create a one-inch cuff, then fold again to make a two-inch cuff.

For skinny jeans: try a mini cuff. Fold up to a half-inch cuff, then fold again to add an extra half inch. The bottom of the cuff should hit at or just above the ankle.

For a slouchy boyfriend jeans: create a no-fuss half cuff. This one is less of a science; simply fold up to make a four-inch cuff, scrunch the bottom of the cuff to create texture, and roll the top pf the hem downward.


If you are, go for the smaller size if a fitted look is what you’re going for.

“Most denim fabric stretches out naturally over time…” wrote Lauren Freidman in her book 50 Ways to Wear Denim. The lighter and thinner the weight of the denim, the more it will stretch.


Yes. The size and shape of your pockets on the denim matter a lot. They can change the way your jeans (and gift) look from behind.

Generally, to make your tush appear fit and lifted, go for jeans with pockets that sit high and tilt slightly outward. Avoid pockets that sit lower than the bottom curve of your butt (the spot where your butt cheeks meet your legs), says Jeans with no pockets are also a no-no. They reduce the butt size to almost nothing .

General Guide:

Skinny jeans are by far the easiest fit to tuck into a boot.

For ankle boots, try a skinny jean with a cuff. It’s advisable to show a silver of skin between the hem of your pants and the top of the boot.

Palazzo shaped jeans are best suited with sandals.

A general rule is, the bigger the jeans, the smaller the shoe.


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