Shine Ya Eye, this season of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show seems to be different with its unique flavor and spice. 

The huge fanbase of the show couldn’t wait for it to start, and when the opening ceremony commenced on July 28, 2021, it was a dream come true. 

The show kicked off with amazing people. One could mistake the opening ceremony for a fashion show as the contestant looked easy on the eye like supermodels. Some of them appeared to be super talented and creative as they gave us a hint of their crafts on the stage. It was obvious that we were in for an interesting ride.  

Big Brother added a twist to the game as the show commenced with two wild card housemates. No one knew who they were and the housemates had a week to shine their eyes to figure them out. 

If they guessed right, the wild cards would be eliminated immediately. But if they were wrong, the wild cards would be saved, become full housemates, and would be immune to eviction in the coming week. 

Sound interesting, right? 

Sunday came so quick and Big Brother asked the housemates to guess who the wildcards were. Unanimously, they agreed that the wild cards were JayPaul and Liquorose.  

The viewers knew who the wild cards were, so it was obvious that the housemates had failed the test. The wild cards were asked to reveal themselves and they turned out to be Maria and Pere. The look on the housemates’ faces was epic! 

Peace won the Head of House games and became the first Head of House (HOH). She nominated Yousef as her Deputy Head of House to share the lounge with her. 

The housemates have been amazing at the group presentations and games. As we said, some of them are super talented, Big Brother was impressed.

They had the opportunity to use the Jacuzzi and bum bum was everywhere. Angel showed that she didn’t come to play as she served us hot hot.

They had the first Saturday party and it was epic as usual, the DJ aspect I mean. Housemates, on the other hand, were being mindful of the cameras and the majority of them were mirror-dancing, lol. Na Wa! Give us action jare.

Oh, Boma won the Week two Head of House games and he chose Jackie B as his Deputy Head of House.

Another shocker was that Maria gave Pere Gbas Gbos. He spoke to her about his feelings for her and she immediately stopped him and said: “I don’t like you at all. Let’s talk about something else.” WHOA!

She’s not here to play sha, lol. Baba was speechless. I mean, we were all speechless too.

Anyway, they had the truth or dare game afterward and kisses were flying everywhere, from Emmanuel to Liquorose, Maria to Cross, Angel to Sammie, and so on.

Omo, our eyes were Fed.

All of a sudden, Maria started to para oo to her bestie Liquorose about Pere’s behavior, lol. I just tire.

Moving on, they had their fashion show and Angel killed it as the host. The show ended with Boma as the male winner and Jackie B as the female winner. Awesome! They get to go on a dinner date. “Team Head Of House tinz na.” 

In other news, our two love birds had their first fight o or so it seemed, that’s Liquorose and Emmanuel. She was angry because he nominated her as a wildcard and didn’t talk to her about it, lol. 

Girlfriend, if I was the one, I wouldn’t think twice to nominate you o. What’s this super-talented-already made lady doing here with the highest Instagram followers? .

Don’t blame our Emmanuel jor, in his eyes, you’re probably too good to be in there, lol.

Lest I forget, the housemates up for eviction this week are Beatrice, White Money, Yerins, Yousef, and Niyi. Let’s see who the viewers save and who will be sent home.

On Monday 9th August,  pere Became head of house, we have new house mates, kayvee, Jmk, queen and Micheal,  Beatrice, yerines and were evicted, maria and queen had a fight because of pere, pere stopped white money from going into the kitchen,  pere believes he is using the kitchen as a strategy, what sort of strategy,  does white money have the secret ingredients. The guiness games struck alot of arguments in the house. GOtv also had games, team jolly won. Make we jolly.

I’ll keep you updated with more gist. Safe ✌ 


  1. A clear piece of the ongoing BBN show 😎

  2. This year big brother na fire

  3. Jumoke is my new focus hot babe.

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