Maintaining your skin during the dry season

dry skin
Maintaining dry skin

The skin dryness accompanying the dry season has always been a thing of worry for many people. We often find people who fit the ‘hamattarn’s first born’ description. In their defense, or even in or cases, we usually do everything right and even apply more than the sufficient amount of cream to aid the white dryness of our skins during this season. Here are things that worked for me and a few skin specialists.

Drink water (lots of it)

This sounds cliche but surprisingly is a very underrated practice. Now, although I don’t agree with the 8 glasses of water a day thing, I strongly believe you should drink water more often during the dry season. The air is thinner and carries lees moisture. Drinking more water would moisture you are not getting. help make up for the external moisture you are not getting.

Moisturizer tip

If you’ve never opted for a moisturizer, now’s a perfect time to get yourself one. They work by trapping the moisture in your skin pores. The best time to apply your moisturizer is just before the water on your

Maintaining dry skin
Maintaining dry skin

skin dries off completely. Since the moisturizer is moisturizing your skin, water from your bath is an added moisture source for your skin.

If, however you are using a Vaseline as your moisturizer, leave a little clean water in the Vaseline container containing the Vaseline. Apply the Vaseline with the water to your skin. This tip is mostly helpful for children who might have not begun applying other forms of creams.


Sweat it out, open your pores. Exercise is an easy sure fire way to open up your sweat pores. The skin absorbs more skin care products after the bath after a workout.

Say no more often to blazing hot baths It gets tempting to stay too long in the shower especially if the water temperature feels so right. If you want a longer shower, it’ll do your skin better to bath with lukewarm water. Often will leave your sky dry and sometimes flaky as the hot water strips our skins off it’s natural oils.

If you can, find soaps with oil in them. There are a variety of soap products that have oils in them so you don’t completely feel dry and out once the bath moisture is gone from your skin. 

once the bath moisture is gone from your skin. 


  1. Nice one house
    Didn’t know mixing waster with Vaseline can do the magic.
    Thanks a thousand

  2. Sweet one😍😍😍 I’m safe from skin dryness

  3. This is a lovely style guide and body maintenance 👍👍need to refer this to my kid sis.
    Good one house

  4. Say no more to dryness of skin…. My babe is gonna love me this season

  5. oboy na one loud oooo
    I hope say this one go help out on my shima, I go dash the house money

  6. oboy na one loud oooo
    I hope say this one go help out on my shima, I go dash the house money

  7. Nice and quite helpful

  8. my bf is in problem when I finally do this and it results well and fine making my skin shining and soft.
    thanks to the house of kuku ….. feed me more tips on beauty

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  10. Really helpful, the weather lately has been unusual.

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