Making music is a peice of work it requires alot of creativity and talents, managing the artist is all the work, it involves a good ear for music, containing the fame, encouraging them to make more music, making them ignore the stardom for a minute and focus on doing what the know how to do best, publicizing the songs, being a mouthpiece and etc. These day with the amount invested in showbiz it is always difficult to keep up with managing musicians so we give kudos to those keeping up and waxing stronger in this line of business. The house of kuku had an interesting interview session with Abifade ‘Bayarn’ Tomide the CEO of Orb-Bayarn, a Pan African musical management company focused on showcasing the ability to make good tunes in young and talented african musicians currently managing talents like Buju, Kaychuba and RTkesh. follow link

What do you think makes Orb-bayarn distinct?
* I’ve been involved in the music industry for a long time, passively following and studying the trend of Nigerian music and how the market receives the music, so we have background knowledge which stems from careful study of the market. Our team also consists of Writers and composers who are also music enthusiasts. This provides our artistes with like minded people who can provide motivation and also influence their music creation positively and professionally.

Please tell us a bit about Orb-Bayarn
*like I said earlier, we are an entertainment management company. We officially started business in September 2018 with a few upcoming artistes though our Big break came when we began Managing Buju in 2019 and has risen up to the spotlight.

Can we know a little about you?
* My name is Abifade ‘Bayarn’ Tomide, popularly known as Bayarn of Lagos. I’m the CEO of Orb-Bayarn Entertainment management Company. I’m a music lover which accounts for the birth of the Management company.

We would like to know some of your Artistes with their work?
* We manage Buju who is currently signed to Burna Boy’s Spaceship with hit singles : Energy,  Commander, Spiritual ft Zlatan, Lenu remix with Burna Boy and was featured on SDC’s Do me nice and few others.
Kaychuba is an Afro-rnb musician with a rich voice. His latest singles include “Selfish” and “Ogbanje”. The former was released in 2019 with the latter released this month – may 2020.
We also manage RTKesh who is also partial to Afro beats. She is uk-based Nigerian singer with a few songs under her belt with an EP imminent. Her most recent work “We go” is a mix of Afro beat and highlife.

Your Artistes are mostly upcoming. Is there a reason for that?
* Not exactly, though I’m a bit partial to upcoming artistes. I believe there are lot of incredible artistes who deserve a chance to be heard . I also enjoy the fact that their story is mostly infused into the lyrics and you can hear their yearnings and their hunger for a chance to prove themselves as worthy contemporaries. I love to increase their shot at getting heard. 

Does this mean you don’t work with already established artistes?
*No it doesn’t.  

What do you consider before working with an Artiste?
*I love distinct sounds with a beautiful story to go along with it. When I listen to an artiste’s work I listen to the Delivery of the song, the way it blends with the instrumentals and if it is a style that is unique or one that can create a niche for itself and can compete with other arts in the same category and beyond.
Then I also evaluate interpersonal relationship when meeting the artiste. I get to know the artiste to ascertain if we can sync and work together harmoniously. 

Where do you see Orb-Bayarn in 5 years time?
* To be a household name of course but also being an example of a dynamic fusion of an effectively creative and accountable Management Team.

How has it been like working with Buju? 
It has been a challenging and interesting journey. A journey that saw us both grow in our different yet interconnected roles in the Industry. He grew from an underground act to working with A-list artistes in a couple of months which is where the challenging part for both of us came in. We had to brainstorm and make decisions on subject matters we were both being introduced to which created an avenue for both of us to share ideas and take certain risks together which has immensely boosted our relationship on a personal and Business level. The more we gained our own niche of the market, such complex decisions became easier to make due to the trust that has been established between both parties. Though we do have opposing point of views which is expected, we maintain a high level of mutual respect and understanding for those often opposing views and focus on the bigger picture of what we are trying to achieve and this brings a certain balanced point of view which helps us in the planning and execution phase of our projects. 
It has been challenging both physically and mentally both ways but it has been rewarding and invigorating so far.



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