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Yahoo boy fashion: HOW TO DRESS LIKE A YAHOO BOY 101

Awon eni yan Gucci gucci. Sinzu money, Oluwa spender. Blowing money fast, are household slangs used to celebrate or appraise rich guys and girls without a source of lively hood, making money mainly from an illegitimate source, mostly internet scam also called cybercrime.This lot popularly known as yahoo boys, have …

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Making music is a peice of work it requires alot of creativity and talents, managing the artist is all the work, it involves a good ear for music, containing the fame, encouraging them to make more music, making them ignore the stardom for a minute and focus on doing what …

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4 Nigerian celebrities famous for being controversial

The entertainment industry thrives on controversy. In a fast-paced social media society, regular news is inadequate to feed the audience’s insatiable urge. People seek something new by the minute. To grab their attention and keep them agog, it must be an unusual event. Simply put: the entertainment industry would be …

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Ways to say thank you

Humans coexist for survival amongst many other reasons. You always do something for someone whether you know you are doing it or you don’t and in the same way always, someone is doing something for you. What happens when this act is conscious? Has someone done something really nice for …

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Edible Gold.

gold donut

Gold a precious item, easily recognised because of it glitter, mostly used as accessories to be worn on the body or used to design and beautify objects of value, as simply defining glamour, class, wealth and pure luxury. Mostly worn by royalty or men and women of a higher class, …

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