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What to wear at night. (Women)

what to wear at night Women’s fashion: What to wear on a night out Are you thinking of what to wear on a night out? By the time you are done reading this piece brought to you by House of Kuku, you’ll have several options at your disposal. There’s no …

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Planning a Birthday on a budget.

Most of us shy away from throwing birthday parties because a party of any sort spells “money spent. Plenty money spent”. I’m here to tell you are not alone in this struggle as I was a victim to this school of thought too. THOK First off, I considered what I …

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Maintaining your skin during the dry season (Hammatan).

dry skin

The skin dryness accompanying the dry season has always been a thing of worry for many people. We often find people who fit the ‘hamattarn’s first born’ description. In their defense, or even in or cases, we usually do everything right and even apply more than the sufficient amount of …

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Weird food combinations that actually work

We’re mixing a cake one day and suddenly an idea pops into my head. “hey, how about we put a cocoa and a little coffee?” “what?” everyone looked at me like I suggested we throw the mix away. “if you don’t want it, I’ll use only a little part of …

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Most fashionable female BBNaija stars.


Making a comeback in 2017 for the second season after a long hiatus, Big Brother Naija Reality TV maintained its position as the biggest reality TV show on the African continent. It has produced contestants who turned out to be very fashionable and stylish. With them, every event is an …

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Avoiding hot breath.

My 24/7 fresh breath secret I recall a few weeks ago when a famous Nigerian actress took to twitter to recall her experience with another actor on set when they got to the kiss scene. She complained bitterly about it but didn’t escape without the backlash from the twitter community …

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How to find a date this holiday.

man and woman.

Christmas is just a few days away. Unless you are living under a rock, you must be feeling the Christmas fever in your location – the shining lights, decorations, jingles on radio and TV, and the cheerful mood of people around you. If you are single, it’s an opportunity for …

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