Reflecting on the Nollywood babyboy.

In an Email interview with the Multi talented Arron Sunday popularly know as the smooth operator, he was able to share with THOK, quality information about himself, he also explains how passionate he is about making top notch movies, the development of the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) and also, he shares some industry secrets. Read below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

1) When did you begin your career as an actor? And what was your first movie?

Interesting question, My career in Acting started in 2009, in Calabar cross River state. Then I moved down to Lagos. But My very first appearance on TV was in a kiddies show called “Fun Time” created by the Ayam Osigwe family and as at then it was been aired on TVC, they segments I was in the drama and voice over segments for their animations. From there they created a series called “Mama Onome bhuka and I got casted for a role on the series.

2) What are the significant changes you’ve noticed in the industry from your debut till now?

The change from then and now is pretty much massive.  The industry has really revamped and it’s growing in lips and bounds. We’re beginning to get movies and series from other parts of Africa. Kudos to multichoice too for their contributions in helping they industry grow massively.


3) How open is the industry to the world?

The industry is massively open to the world. Being recognized as third place when it comes movie making….that’s huge for the industry and for Nigeria as a whole. With the done of Netflix, multichoice and cinema houses across the country. The industry is pretty much open to world at large

4) What genre of movie would you think would sell mostly in the nigerian market?

For the most part every genre of movies should sell only if its well executed…in terms of good storyline, Great acting good equipments. So I think all genre of movies should be able to sell. But as it the Nigerian cinemas “Comedy films tend make it up to the box office more than other genre which i feel isn’t supposed to be so. Not everyone loves comedy. But hey to each his own.

5) How receptive is the industry to changes and new ideas?

New ideas like remaking movies from the 90s take for instance Ahanna’s story and others I love the changes going on in the Industry. Young amazing and vibrant actors are beginning to emerge which I’m one of them. So I love the changes going on in the industry.

6) The movie industry is still growing currently , in what ways do you intend to foster this growth?

Still working on that part. 

7) What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Challenges are not much but just pay and treat me they way I should treated as an Actor. I’m a talent and a brand that you want so pay and treat me well. That’s it.

8) What is your routine before starting a shoot?

My routing before starting a shoot. First of I prepare myself mentally physically.

9) Is there a genre of movie you’re partial to or you consider yourself versatile?

I consider myself versatile and I’m very much to every genre of story lines.
First of you just have to know who you are as person and the rest follows. So yes with my full chest I consider myself versatile.

10) Talk about what inspires your fashion sense?

Oh wow!! That never came to my mind tho. But I love to look smart. Smart casual any day any time.. but also depending on the occasion. I don’t consider myself having a fashion sense. I’m just blessed with a particular type of body that rocks any kind of outfit.

11) Do you believe in the dress as you want to be addressed stereotype?

No I don’t believe in that stereotype. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Anything that’s comfortable on you rock it.

12) How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

Ah truth be told I don’t go all out trying to know what’s trending in terms of fashion o!! I’m bad at that….I just wear what makes me really comfortable.

13) How would you describe your success in the movie industry so far.

It’s all God bro!壟
2019 to 2020 was a win win for me back to back award winnings. From “Most promising Actor to “Next Rated Actor” (African Choice Awards.) I’m grateful for the soldiers around me and for supporting my brand. They growth is massive and grateful to God.

14) Do you have any regrettable moment since your debut.

No regrettable moments so far. I’m just blessed.

15) If not movies what would you have rather been?

IF not movies hmmmm… still movies bro. Because I believe I have a calling to do that….And I hope to tell impactful ones. Amen.

16) Any advice for the house of kuku,

Thank you house of Kuku for all that you do. And i pray that you continue to contribute and do more. God bless  you.

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