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The need to stay in vogue with lifestyle and fashion choices cannot be overemphasized among today’s youth given the popularity and influence of social media and social influencers.

Social media has successfully created another reality or presence online which allows us to communicate with other people online as we engage them in business and pleasure. Whatever we use our social media platform for we tend to reciprocate in real life as we have to turn up for meetings or events which are important to us.

Our first impression on our social media platform is based on the profile and most importantly the picture of whoever we are dealing with. Appearances matter a lot. Hence the constant need to recreate your fashion sense to move with the trend in order not to get lost. Whether your profile is being engaged for business or for pleasure, your pictures must always look as good as your business.

In the need to slay it in our pictures, certain factors are considered by us in our fashion choices but I will streamline it to “staying in vogue” for the purpose of this article. What’s in vogue plays a crucial role in our fashion choices to the point where we often wear it when it doesn’t suit our body buildup. The trendsetters in the Nigerian entertainment scenes play a major role in dictating what is considered as vogue in the fashion industries. Trendsetters ranging from DJs, Artistes, Actors, Comedians, Instagram celebrities, and even slay queens are part of major dictators of what’s in vogue or trending in the Nigerian fashion scene. Top entrepreneurs and older celebrities also tend to dictate the fashion trend from their fans of that generation.

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However, studying the fashion scene in Nigeria for a while using our top celebrities and online presence as examples, most of what they rock is also dictated most times by the international scenes, cutting across the USA to the UK and they focus on their domestic market mostly from their home country for materials and trends and which they display and is made more popular by their dominance in the fashion and entertainment industry.

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Ogunyemi "Cuckoo" Segun is a Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blogger and movie maker. Born on 12th of July 1992, he's a graduate of sociology from Crawford University. He is a lover of arts and music as he has held roles as a presenter for Channel M1, as worked as an artiste Manager and also a movie maker and set designer. He is a fashion enthusiast and a lover of photography, poetry , culture and movies. He is an ambivert who enjoys the company of like-minded folks and also the solitude to hone is creative capabilities . He spends most of his spare time writing and studying lifestyle trends. He is a lover of pets (cats especially).


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