Silva’s boys engage in fisticuffs at Isio Silva’s wake

Billionaire oil tycoon Johnathan silva has expressed his deep disappointment in his sons Tokunbo Silva and Kore Silva who were seen fighting at the Isio Silva’s wake keep.
Supposedly, rumours flying around says the billionaire’s young wife was assassinated, to keep the family money in or just sheer jealousy.
drove to work happy, the love doctor was on radio ha-ha bright day, playing all my darkest fantasies in my head, calculating moves, no one could get to me today. I couldn’t wait for the regular three days guy rule instead I sent a message right away and immediately she replied I literally chatted her one handed while driving to work. It was like a dream. Work went smoothly that day as in all my free time we chatted all through. She said her name is Haggi, She also told me she is a geologist for a popular multibillion dollar archaeological company automatically I felt confident like I found a wife in her and it’s barely been 2hours we met, already being her missing ruby. I kept remembering I saw a tattoo on her left hand when she gave me her number, didn’t really see what it was so I asked her to send a picture. She did, It was a lioness wearing a crown, later that day, she happened to be in my work zone about that time so she invited me for lunch down the street in a Chinese restaurant, me not really a fan of Chinese cuisines didn’t mind anything at this beautiful opportunity to get close to my beautiful Arabian queen Haggi. I stepped in style almost brought my own chop stick to act cool, and there she was with two other people an Arab man and a black lady, my spirit jumped inside of me at her sight but the outer part of me stayed calm like all is well and its just a regular day. We sat next to each other and after a while the waiter came to take our order
I really didn’t want anything to eat from a Chinese restaurant so i stayed calm and watched them all place orders trying to figure the least grouse and slime dish to place as I didn’t plan on eating boiled lizards and spicy noodles today so I kept reading the menu. The waiter waiting patiently for me to say something, Haggi looking at me in anticipation to place an order, I figured the tension on me so I ordered rice and chicken soup hoping and praying not to see anything jumpy in my meal. Our food arrived but before it came there was an awful silence on the table we all didn’t know what to say as the link didn’t even bother introducing us. We ate and I offered to pay the bills, she smiled and said not to worry its the other guy’s birthday so he is handling the bills, there I wished him well and offered to buy him a fortune cookie so I did and it read “keep on as your blossom awaits” immediately I felt his countenance change towards me, he loved me immediately he introduced himself as Idris. Idris is a tall Arab man that loves to tie the turban, the black lady kept smiling at me and Haggi noticed that and got jealous and came close and wrapped her arms around me like we were couples, my head started to swell, mini me was getting happy but I maintained my favourite behaviour. I checked my time

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