Sometimes we dye, sometimes we don’t

Hair dyes are cool as whattttf?
The general idea around how coloring hair works is getting rid of the current color then applying the desired color, that you feel suits your style and make you express your true persona or even a copy cat.
Many people have had their fair share of terrible experiences with hair dyes. The hair dye is a chemical which isn’t so great a mix with the factors responsible for hair strength and health.


Personally, I believe at the end of the day it boils down to maintenance. Dyed hair is brittle, breaks and falls off easier. I also know some people have this type of hair on regular days without dyes.
Hair maintenance is key, show that hair a little more love and less stress.
More oil, less soil.

Whoa, slow down, you are beginning to think what sort of joy kill writer is this that has been making me feel dying my hair is killing my hair, which technically is what is i am saying but let us have a little fun. I personally love me some colorful hair especially when it is styled wonderful, sometimes is the best fashion statement that can make your hairstylist a celebrity over night. All i am trying to say is everything needs ro be maintained properly.


Fueling your fashion ideas.

Alternatively you could use an attachment/extension with your desired hair color(s). There’s so many colors in the market you’re definitely encouraged to check them out. Colored attachments are great alternatives to dyed hair.
The downside being your hair color would pop out if you didn’t account for it in your hair style goal.
Sometimes we dye and other times we don’t. Question is, is it your time to dye?

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  1. I like what you did with the title.

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