The African hair

African hair is also known as “Afro-textured”, puffy and fluffy, it is rich and comes in an array of colors,  black, brown, red, grey, sometimes even a mix of this. Our hair is shiny, fluffy, full, and brimming. If you want a fuller hair and your hair is currently scanty, skip the relaxing, go natural. or “kinky hair” also known for its tendency to curl or get locked and twisted if left uncombed or brushed is one of the unique identifiers and pride of Africans.

The beauty of the hair in the ability to be styled into different crafty and artistic styles, styles like

  • Cornrow and Braided Bun
  • Retro Afro Hairstyle
  • Natural Braided Hair
  • Afro Curly Haircut
  • Front Fringe Black Hair
  • Coiled Bob Hairstyle
  • Messy Afro Curled Bob Hairstyle
  • Coloured Long Dreadlocks Hairstyle and more.

The Afro hair produces more oils in comparison to Asian or Caucasian hair, though regular washing of the hair with soap can affect the oil secretion. However, due to the tight curls attribute of the Afro hair, the oil sometimes fails to spread evenly along with the hair fiber. Application of lubricants to the Afro is recommended to avoid having coarse hair and strand breakage which could occur from dryness of hair. The notion that long black hair should be combed or trimmed to depict neatness is an unacceptable stereotype. Afro hair when curled or twisted births new hairstyles like the dreadlocks which are especially now multi-cultural these days but have its roots traced to Africa.O

Overthe years, African hair has lost its culture due to race-mixing eg, intercultural marriages, and fashion. Fashion has been a major hazard to devaluing the African hair, races like the Brazilians, Indians, Peruvian and Swedish now have found a business in cutting their hair as the African people are interested in wearing theirs instead.


Millions of dollars are made on this trade yearly, as well as the beauty salon business in Africa, bizarre fashion trends like bleaching the skin has also been a booming trade in Africa, the curls and smoothness in foreign hair have thrilled African men and women.



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