THE BRIEF with Khalifah of Lagos.

Fashion could just be a calling, this nigerian fashionista would have been a computer guru if he wanted. Khalifah of lagos dived into his personal life and shared beyond a thought with the house of kuku on on The THOK BRIEF.

  1. Why do you prefer the name Khalifah?

Khalifah is something I got from my parent. Being from a royal family, my dad gave me the name, i am his first           son.

2. What is your favorite fashion item?

I love shoes, I am crazy about them.

3. What is your favorite color?

I love white
4.Who is your all-time favorite fashion designer?

Luis Vuitton and Christian Dior
5. What is the inspiration and focus of Space Vest?

For space vest, I want to do things that are basically out of the world, expressing myself through my designs in an        extraordinary way.

6. How do you intend to change the world with your fashion ideas?

My ideas for space vest will blow a lot of minds away. I want my designs to make a good statement in the fashion        community eventually challenging the big names.
7. Fashion is comfort, what fashion item are you most comfortable in?

Am comfortable with any item that fits me perfectly, I love to explore too.
8. As a Nigerian, what is your take on contemporary African fashion?

When you ask most people what comes to mind when they consider “African fashion,” you are likely to hear a               reference to brightly-colored wax prints known in some circles as Ankara, from which seamstresses would sew our    parents and grandparents’ traditional garb. Am glad we are finally being globally welcomed for what we have                always   known we possessed: a wealth of cultural agency and influence.

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9. We always try to overcome our fears, what is your greatest phobia?

Atychiphobia, am always scared to fail and I make sure I don’t.
10. If fashion wasn’t your calling what other field would you be involved in?

Wow, then am going to become a computer programmer, it’s creative and fun too.

11. Tell us about your greatest fashion disaster?

It was a very funny day, I had a very important shoot, after getting dressed and all, while trying to stretch I                     ripped my pants, it was quite depressing at first but my stylist came through with and extra pant. I got saved.
12. If you were to wear six colors on different days in a week what would they be?

I love exploring colors, I would go for orange, blue, black, white, purple, green. they should all look good.
13. If you were to give us your unique style {KHALIFAH}, what would it look like?

Trust me, on a regular day, my kind of style is quite serious and fun at the same time. I love to stand out so I love         looking good.


  1. Awesome outfits he drips in 🔥

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