Meet The Nigerian Footballer turned Designer (Ngolongolo Couture)

Get to meet the Nigerian Designer, Mr, Njoku (Founder of Ngologolo Couture) and learn more about the brand from this short video below as he talks his struggle between football and fashion

The next video will take you on a tour and also give you on a contrast of Nigeria and European Fashion Industry. Mr. Njoku who started out in Europe has been able to experience to success in Nigeria. Watch the next video find out more

In this next Video Mr. Njoku talked about his time with Nigerian Celebrated footballer Kanu Nwankwo and how he stayed with him in europe and that aided his pursue for fashion, you will also get some scoops on basic italian fashion 101. See video below.


  1. never knew him till now. beautiful questions.

  2. The road to success isn’t on one path
    Find ur own path way or make one

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