{ BROWN SHUGA } TO RELEASE NEW SINGLE  { CHAMPION SOUND } ON [SEPTEMBER 24}(DANCEHALL ARTIST “BROWN SHUGA” SIGNS A GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH VPAL MUSIC, SISTER LABEL TO VP RECORDS AHEAD OF NEW ALBUM AND SET TO DROP A NEW SINGLE)                                                                                                “CHAMPION SOUND” (SEPTEMBER , 24, 2021)-(BROWN SUGA), announce the release of his new single, (Champion Sound), which (Information on the exact publication date and distribution of the new single). This new single will be distributed worldwide by (VPAL MUSIC)

Dancehall artist “Brown Shuga” is from West Africa, Nigeria, an energetic and versatile artist talented in almost all genres of music. He has collaborated with a lot of artist from different part of the world over the years. Brown Shuga is set to drop a new single titled CHAMPION SOUND which is also the title of his sophomore album which is set hit the airwaves, when you are feeling down and weak, CHAMPION SOUND is that sound that rejuvenates and bring out the energy and the champion spirit in everyone, beneath its celebratory message and also uniting people of the world and letting everyone know that there’s greatness inside of them also no matter what life throws at you, you should never give in and you should always remember you are a king / Queen. It further explains the pain and part of the struggle while facing the odds and coming out of a dark places to emerged as champions taking over the field with others rejoicing, he also recently signed a global distribution deal with VPAL MUSIC which is a sister-label to VP RECORDS. He is signed to RENEGADE STATE OF MIND NATION with collaborations with numerous record company to work on CHAMPION SOUND “THE ALBUM”. Shortly after the release of the CHAMPION SOUND “THE SINGLE”, a CHAMPION SOUND Experience Party in collaboration with ICELAND BEACH will be taking place in the month of October in anticipation to CHAMPION SOUND “THE ALBUM”.
                                                                                                           TRACK TITLE                                                                                                          “CHAMPION SOUND”   For more information you can follow on all social media platforms

Instagram @brownshugaman@rsm_nation@Godlyvibesentertainment

Twitter @brownshugaman_ @godlyvibesent

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