The waist bead is a captivating ornaments worn by ladies.. It possesses alluring attributes that would make someone fall in love with it. Even though, it’s old fashioned still yet, it went viral among young girls of nowadays

Popularly known as “Jigida” in Nigeria, the waist bead is not a new name to the fashion industry. Jigida isn’t the only name there are called. The Igbo people call it “mbgaji” and the yorubas call them “bebedi”. They come in an array of colors, sometimes multicolored other times, mono-colored.
These pretty little things (or large things) have been around for a very long time dating as far back as the 15th century.

Most popular in the African culture, it has many uses, the most common being their use as waist/tummy trainers. There exist too other uses across different cultures. In Ghana, it was not only used for decorative purposes but also as an anchor to strap the menstrual cloth. Some cultures used them as an indicator that a woman had reached the age where she could be married. Waist beads decorated with bells signaled that a lady was still pure till her time of marriage. Talk about a belled cat. There also have been instances where these waist bead where adorned with precious stones to help with healing or rejuvenation.

Most superstitious men and women would not be peaceful at the sight of the waist bead balanced on the waist of a lady as it is said that it is used to take away or distort the destiny of men. Ladies also wear chain on their waist to suit their style or what ever they wear it for.

Waist bead looks more beautiful when rock on a revealing outfit. It drags attention when she is dancing, alot of men go crazy for that.Do you wear waist beads? How often? Or all the time? Do you like waist beads?


  1. 😍😍😍😍

  2. i am highly superstitious as far as waist beads is concerned. I see waist beads, I japa straight..except I know your Daddy’s house

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