1. Can I meet you?
    My name is Tosin Igho
  2. What do you major in?
    Film making
  3. How does ur major affect lives?
    I tell stories which impact emotions. this can be used to pass mesages of hope to people in need of this. Inspiring the generations to come as film is timeless.
  4. What has been your biggest fear in what you do?
    I fear that the work i make will end up never seen.
  5. What has kept you moving?
    The people who see my work.
    They give me the drive to keep going.
  6. As a Media person, how can you differentiate social media and mass media?

Mass media is media given to the audience they can mainly only receive .
but the audience is in control of social media.
hence the audience is passive to mass media but the audience can alter and change social media.

7. What do you have to say to d upcoming communicators?
Be the best in what you do and the world will pay attention

Seven, a Nigerian action movie, with lots of stars, this movie was shot in ajegunle, lagos Nigeria.
The Eve, is a love turn sore, wedding canceled to move on movie, with lots of stars like Beverly naya and a hots of others.
Once upon a time is a storytelling series. your kids would love it.

these are some movies shot by tosin igho.

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  1. I want to meet a sexy geh instead……sue me

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