Ways to say thank you

Humans coexist for survival amongst many other reasons. You always do something for someone whether you know you are doing it or you don’t and in the same way always, someone is doing something for you.

What happens when this act is conscious? Has someone done something really nice for you? Usually, the most common way of expressing gratitude is a simple verbal “thank you”. But sometimes, just “thank you” isn’t enough and you want some profound way to express this gratitude. Here are a few ideas to get your ball rolling.
Remember, this gesture should be sincere with a personal touch. I mean, that’s the whole point yes?

  • Make a gift bag
  • Poetry
  • Letter
  • Social media
  • Digital greeting cardz
  • Video
  • Food
  • Surprise
  • Gift
  • Return the gesture
  • Be a friend

Things you can sell to make money

  • Time
  • Services
  • An extra room
  • Gold
  • Ideas
  • Freelance
  • Old books
  • Handmade stuff
  • Photos
    Realities of life
  • Everyone is busy
  • In the end, you alone have got yourself
  • You don’t always get treated the way you treat others
  • You will be heartbroken (a lot of times)
  • Some plans never work out

Various ways to say thank you or express gratitude towards another person. Here is a list of thank you of some beautiful songs compiled by billboard.com to help you express your appreciation better.

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  1. A Brand new GPU will do the trick too

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