What to wear at night. (Women)

what to wear at night

Women’s fashion: What to wear on a night out
Are you thinking of what to wear on a night out? By the time you are done reading this piece brought to you by House of Kuku, you’ll have several options at your disposal.
There’s no such thing as a general style of dressing. Anyone who knows their fashion onions understands that there’s a style for every occasion. In a bid to look their best, some people make the blunder of overdressing. Having a great style isn’t about doing too much, but knowing what works for you.
Night out outfit ideas

You want people to stop and stare when you walk into the arena, don’t you? But hold on a minute, don’t make them turn for the wrong reasons. Anyone who’s looking at you should be doing that in admiration of you or your outfit, not because you look hideous. Frist, you need to know where you are going to. You don’t want to look out of place. These night out outfit ideas will ensure that you are on track.

  • Jeans and a top
    Unless you are going for a dinner or party, night outings are mostly casual. You don’t have to be all dressed up. You’ll be doing a lot of body movements, so it’s important that you are free. A pair of Jeans always works. Complement it with either a tank top or silky blouse. If the tank top or blouse is fitted, tuck it in to bring out your curves.



If you don’t want to look too simple by wearing a pair of Jeans and a top, you can take it a notch higher in a Jumpsuit. By its design, a Jumpsuit isn’t your regular simple outfit. To avoid overdressing, you need to simmer it down.

Don’t accessorize with “heavy” items, keep it simple. Instead of wearing stilettos, go for flat shoes. This creates the impression that you didn’t give your look too much thought, but somehow, you managed to nail it.

Bodycon dress
Are you heading to the club or a part of some sort? If yes, a little dress-up is appropriate. A bodycon dress never goes wrong. Black is the perfect colour for bodycon dresses. You know what they say, an LBD is one of the wardrobe must-haves for every woman. There’ll be many people at the event – You don’t want to show up unprepared. Of course, the dress has to be short. Put your hot legs on display. Step into the right stilettos, and you’ll be the show stopper.


Multi-layer outfits
Combining the right pieces together is one way to establish that you are a fashionista. Truth is, a lot of people don’t know how to match outfits. Still sticking to the “simple” memo, you can spice things up by adding multiple layers. For example, if you are wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top as discussed earlier, you can throw on a kimono. With this, your simple look becomes a little more stylish.

Avoid too much accessories
A night outing isn’t the best time to flaunt your accessories. As a rule, people don’t step out of their houses with highly valuable items at such hours because it’s easier to be robbed at night compared to day time.
Leave your fancy jewelry at home. A nice wristwatch and a pair of ear studs are okay. People hardly take note of accessories at night due to limited lighting, anyway. Even if you wear the best jewelry, very few people will notice.
Figuring what to wear on a night out plays a big role in how the night turns out. You need to feel comfortable in your skin to have a great time. Always keep it classy. You never know who’s watching.

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  1. Very nice. I dont go out that much but surely have a got now when faced with what to wear

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