Why is breakfast necessary.


Breakfast is necessary. Hey there reader, starting this blog post with breakfast being necessary was sorta necessary. It is the first meal of the day; why would anyone ever want to miss out on any the “first” thing?
Who hates to break fast?
Some will swear it is the most important meal of the day; new news, (or old news), actually, old news -it isn’t. Every meal is important.
So what makes breakfast so necessary, we’re talking about it? because a lot of us miss out on breakfast. For one reason or the other and we’re so casual about it, like it’s just a meal, yes it’s just a meal. But people who don’t skip breakfast, know what I’m talking about; and people who do skip breakfast, also know what I’m talking about. It feels like what you feel like when you have a healthy breakfast and an active day.
Guys, who is not active these days? Even kids are and they eat breakfast. Honestly, why would I skip out on a truck load of energy and maybe no dedicated work out time over a tiny energy over (something … ) and a clear deviation of breakfast lunch and dinner. Because of how many of us skip breakfast, sometimes I feel we could only use the words “breakfast, lunch and dinner” to describe the time we are eating and the type of meal we are eating whether it’s bread and tea (see? Even bread and tea is eaten as lunch?).
My point? Breakfast is important. It’s really literal, breakfast is a meal you eat at the beginning of a day.
(this is the part where we add in the scientific parts)

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Ogunyemi "Cuckoo" Segun is a Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blogger and movie maker. Born on 12th of July 1992, he's a graduate of sociology from Crawford University. He is a lover of arts and music as he has held roles as a presenter for Channel M1, as worked as an artiste Manager and also a movie maker and set designer. He is a fashion enthusiast and a lover of photography, poetry , culture and movies. He is an ambivert who enjoys the company of like-minded folks and also the solitude to hone is creative capabilities . He spends most of his spare time writing and studying lifestyle trends. He is a lover of pets (cats especially).


  1. breakfast is the most essential food of the day.

  2. I can actually go a whole day with food after taking breakfast

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